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The first rule of sustainability is to align with natural forces, or at least not try to defy them.

                                                                                                                                           — Paul Hawken

Environmental Management System

We recognize that our activities inevitably have an impact on the environment, and therefore, we believe that Environmental issues are everyone’s responsibility at Arkadin. As such, environmental management has to be fully incorporated in our business processes. Our environmental approach is based on internal core values and external standards.

The Arkadin Environmental Management System (EMS) according to the ISO 14001 standard is an ongoing process.

The Arkadin EMS consists of:

  • Arkadin's Environmental Policy
  • Classification of environmental aspects, and evaluation of their significance
  • Objectives and programs for achieving environmental targets
  • Compliance with legal and other regulatory requirements
  • Audits, management reviews, and continuous improvement
  • Operational management for waste, energy and water consumption

The goal of the Arkadin EMS is to improve our environmental performance and to identify opportunities to reduce the amount of waste we produce, focusing on:

  • Energy consumption
  • Water consumption
  • Business travel emissions
  • Waste management

Environmental Policy

At Arkadin we acknowledge that companies, both large and small, can play an important role in their local and wider community and have an impact on people, the environment, and other organizations with whom they do business. Our employees, shareholders and other stakeholders expect the company to take responsibility for, and to minimize any negative impact it has on the environment in which we all live.

These expectations are reinforced by recent business guidelines and best practice on environment and ethical matters. Many people and organizations benefit from the commitment of companies to Corporate Social Responsibility. We believe that focusing on ethical and environmental issues makes good business sense for the company.

We recognize that our activities inevitably have an impact on the environment, and we will implement and maintain an Environmental Management System to ISO 14001 so that our environmental impact is managed in a systematic way.

We are committed to the principles of environmental improvement and pollution prevention, and will comply with local environmental legislation in all of the countries in which we occupy offices.

  To download the full version of the Arkadin Environmental Policy please click here.

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