"The leading edge of the global Economy is in human talent and collaboration skills"          
Olivier de Puymorin, Founder & CEO                

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Arkadin stands to empower your capacity to use and strengthen the 5 senses of collaboration.

                                                                                                                                  — Arkadin Team

Your 5+1 “senses” for a successful collaboration


Arkadin offers you the opportunity to change your collaboration habits for the benefit of your work effectiveness, and much more.... 

Our belief is that our business world is changing every day, and we need to adapt to make progress or at least to survive!

  • Time is priceless; do you feel modernity offer you the chance to manage your time in a better way? Do you feel your grandparents had less free time 50 years ago than we have now? Be freer, learn how to manage your time with more efficiency and more collateral benefits...

  • Collaboration is about your ability to listen and share with other people. The alternative ways to carry your brain from a meeting to another one open a new world of ubiquity. Remote collaboration solutions offer you to extend geographically your capacity of collaboration, regardless of distances and physical constraints.

  • Business environment isn’t it more and more competitive? Don’t you think old habits participate to most of your wasting time and expenses? It’s time to fit with your business environment to get more from the leading edge of the global economy: Collaboration effectiveness. Meet without meeting has become a reality which opens again a new door… Augmented reality.
  • Cuting your travel costs, you get more than money savings, you share your brain and your office tools in the same time for such an affordable price than you can only compare it with the price of the cab you would pay to go to the airport if you were travelling....

  • Put now together the elements described above and you meet the paradigm of the collaboration 5 senses. Arkadin offers you to lead your collaboration expertise to the most enjoyable and efficient time of your day, offering you, on the top of your new effectiveness, many collateral benefits, impacting your lifestyle, and even more… as sustainability at work!

  • The 6th sense of collaboration effectiveness is a gift to our environment: Sustainability at work. It has become a key priority, we cannot meet our business needs without fitting environmental ones.. Did you know that if everybody were sharing the same European lifestyle on earth, we would need a second planet within 30 years from now to sustain our needs ? As an example, CO2 consumption per person is on average 3 to 25 tons per year depending where and how we live. A face to face meeting involving 5 people from 3 different countries (2 from NY, 2 from Frankfurt, meeting in London with London attendees) during 2 days would generate more than 9 tons of CO2 just with the flights. Don’t you think it is time to use alternatives ways to meet!


Physical Meetings

Remote Collaboration


People Availability

I am more available


Travel Costs

Nothing to compare with travel


Travel Time

My time is priceless


Limited documents to share

I share my desktop


Limited level of Global Presence

Anytime, Anywhere



We offer...

• Audio Conference
• Web Conference
• Video Conference

Attended Services:
• Event Conference
• Webcast
• Investment Relations

Professional Services:
• Clients Full Integrated Solutions

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