"The leading edge of the global Economy is in human talent and collaboration skills"          
Olivier de Puymorin, Founder & CEO                

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We are now facing more than an environmental crisis; we are facing a human crisis.

We need to adapt our behaviours, take personal engagements and think about out lifestyles. We are in front of new challenges: fit our environment, respect natural resources, and reduce our carbon footprint.

These challenges are individual and collective, personal and professional, and they concern every one of us.

Arkadin provides a range of solutions to support companies in collaborating remotely with a limited carbon footprint. From conference calls to webcasts, Arkadin is proud to contribute to facilitate changes in our daily business life.


Climate Care Day is a business day without travel. Arkadin has launched the Climate Care Day in 2007. Organising a Climate Care Day gives you an opportunity to maintain and strengthen your efforts for environment.

We have the chance to work in a growing market, promoting new ways of collaboration and offering the alternative solutions to business travels, so we have considered it was in our duty to share with the business community education actions and programs which help raising sustainability issues at work.

Climate Care Day makes complete business sense as it is a great opportunity for every company to learn how to reduce its costs, enhance it productivity while you are cutting carbon emissions. Furthermore, Climate care is a mainstream business issue and companies have a key role to play in reducing their carbon emissions.

After all, Climate Care Day is a normal working day. Your only commitment is to replace your business travels by remote collaboration.

As a company, you can join the movement by driving a Climate Care Day initiative in your company.

The Arkadin team will support you to organise and manage your own Climate Care Day, as a real event in your company.

More than 100 Arkadin clients companies have already done at least one Climate Care Day. They are motivated by increasing  education about sustainability, but not only; they are driven by the capacity of going faster in new conferencing accounts launches and deployment.


 Earth Hour

Earth Hour is a global event for Climate Change organised every year by WWF. This event is intended to individuals and businesses. For 4 years, it has gathered people and organisations from all over the Earth (last year, in 128 countries, from Brazil to Australia, by the USA, France, Zimbabwe or Malaysia).

The principle is simple: on Saturday 26th March 2011, switch off your lights during one hour between 8.30pm and 9.30, and commit to any action related to Climate Care.

Earth Hour is a great step to spread the message about Climate Change.

Arkadin supports Earth Hour because this event shares common values with Climate Care Day. Moreover, Climate Care Day is an initiative specially created for businesses.


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