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Climate Care Day: Join now

At Arkadin, we have a genuine passion to help you understand the benefits of remote collaboration and promote it among your employees. We also assist you in raising environmental issues inside your company.

To support this promotion and education; we have created a custom-built event to be hold in your company: YOUR Climate Care Day.

To let you organise it easily, we have shaped for you a special Toolbox. It aims to remind people in your company that travels have a negative impact on the environment, and alternatives solutions are available to meet remotely.

In this Toolbox, you will find all the elements you need to in order to communicate about the Climate Care Day. Web and graphic elements, content, screen-saver and more will support the promotion of your employees to commit themselves in your Climate Care Day and help you find the benefits of it.

Not only cost and CO2 you will also save time and improve your life styles. Remote meetings enhance as well your collaboration effectiveness and people’s efficiency. It shows that by changing habits, you can get more, doing less!

Climate Care Day will offer a good way to push Remote Collaboration tools adoption

What will you find in the Toolbox?

It contains:

-     A dedicated website for YOUR company

-          A set of poster

-          A set of rollup banners

-          A set of post cards

-          A set of web banners

-          A set of snippets

-          Email content to inform your employees

-          A PowerPoint presentation

All this content will be modifiable by you in order to adapt the communication with your logo, your size, etc.


CONTACT US: climatecareday@arkadin.com 

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